The Building Process

The Building Process

If you’re considering us as your custom home builder or home remodel contractor, take a look at our building process to learn how we bring to life our clients’ visions for their homes.

1. The initial meeting

Choosing a custom home builder or custom home remodeler is a big decision, so we like to set up an initial meeting with potential clients completely free of charge so that they can get a feel for our business.

The initial meeting tends to take about an hour. It allows us to discuss your needs, answer any questions you have about the construction process, and help you to figure out if we’re the right home builder for your project.

Some of the key areas of discussion in this initial meeting include:

– Pricing and budget
– Quality of materials and build
– Energy efficiency of the new property
– Estimated completion time

Since it can take up to one year to complete the construction of a new home, it’s vital that client and builder have a strong professional relationship. You should never choose your home builder without first getting to know them and figuring out if they’re a business you can trust.

The initial meeting that we provide is a great opportunity for us to get to know one another and for you to decide if we’re the kind of construction company you’d like to work with.

2. Choosing and preparing your lot

There’s a great deal of planning and preparation involved when it comes to building on your own lot, and many custom home builders don’t always prepare lots properly. We’re not one of them.

If you already have a lot picked out, we can work with you to ensure the following factors are all in place:

– Adequate clearing of the lot
– Provisions for suitable drainage
– Installation of septic tanks
– Running of required utilities
– Installation of culverts
– Discuss home warranty options

If you have not yet chosen a lot, we can help you do so. Every single lot is unique in terms of its view lines, focal points, and the level of preparations needed to ready the lot for construction. There are a number of factors to take into account when considering a lot, so it’s not a decision to be taken lightly.

Not every home builder will be able to help you in choosing the perfect lot, but we certainly can. Our expertise will give you peace of mind that you’ve made the right decision for your new home.

3. Custom Home Design / Home Remodel Design

Designing a custom home is a really exciting process, but it’s also incredibly complex. It’s vital that you have an experienced and talented designer or architect on hand to ensure your new home is designed to work seamlessly with your lifestyle.

Having operated as a home builder in Austin and Houston for many years, we have plenty of industry contacts to recommend to you. We can put you in touch with a brilliant designer or architect who can draw up floor plans for a new home that is both functional and beautiful. We’ll then work with your chosen designer to ensure that the new home is constructed perfectly in accordance with their plans.

Some of our clients are already working with a home designer when they approach us to discuss construction. We’re more than happy to work with your chosen architect or to adhere to any preexisting plans that you have had drawn up for your new home.

4. Constructing your home

The construction process for homes which are between 3,000 and 5,000 square feet tends to take approximately seven to ten months. For homes larger than 5,000 square feet, construction might take up to a year or more. However, construction time varies depending on the complexities of the design. You can rest assured that we’ll keep you fully updated throughout the construction process.

When construction first begins, we’ll provide you with all the vital documents relating to the building process to ensure you’re fully informed. Such documents include:

– Contracts
– Plans
– Site plans
– Specifications

We’ll also invite you to walk through your new home during several different phases of the construction process. This is an excellent opportunity for you to see the progress of the build and check that everything is going according to plan. Plus, it allows us to receive your input on various aspects of the build should we need to make any critical decisions.

As experienced home remodelers and custom home builders in Texas, we’ve learned over the years how to make builds as convenient and cost-effective as possible. We might make some recommendations to you that will help you to save on construction costs. We’ll be sure to advise you on these matters both before and throughout the construction process.

5. Completing your new home

When the construction process is finished, we carefully inspect and prepare your new home for completion, which is a truly exciting stage.

Around two weeks before completion, we’ll conduct a home orientation walk. Over the course of two to three hours, we’ll walk you through your new home and together we’ll inspect with precise detail the following features:

– Mechanical equipment
– Emergency shut-off switches
– Flooring
– Counters
– Lighting
– Paint
– Exterior cosmetic features

If any issues are found in this first orientation walk, they will be noted down and subsequently corrected. Then, we’ll invite you to a second walk-through the day before we are due to complete the home.

During the second orientation walk, we will inspect the issues found in the first walk-through to confirm that they have been rectified. We’ll also complete a quick final check to ensure every aspect of your new home is perfect and ready for you to move in.

Our support doesn’t end there. To give you complete peace of mind in the quality of our workmanship, we provide warranties to cover our work.  Warranties vary by project and will be discussed during the initial meeting.